About Us

About The FlyChicks 

FlyChicks was started in 2010 when sisters Hannah and Emily got a refresher sewing course from their mother. Not knowing anything about sewing except being able to thread the needle, Hannah and Emily stayed up late one night, looking up online tutorials on how to sew a bag. After about two hours of reading what seemed to be a foreign language, they had finally finished their first ever bag! Hannah went to bed that night not realizing her life was about to change.

Fast forward 3 months and a handful of custom order purses for some ladies at work, Hannah and Emily realized this could be much more than just a hobby. Hannah had become addicted to everything sewing; submersing herself in fabric, books, tutorials and blogs. Her life was consumed with sewing thoughts, and she loved every minute of it. Working as a bartender at night, Hannah would sew during the day, dreaming up new designs and fulfilling custom orders.

The two sisters opened an Etsy shop a few months later in April of 2010, but didn’t really have any sales till September. After about 6 months of having Etsy open, they both agreed that having their own website may just be what they needed.

Hannah continues to be the creator and sewer and Emily helps out with the business end of things. You can find FlyChicks on facebook and twitter @flychicksonline. Make sure to sign up for the newsletter and stay in touch when we offer discounts and lauch new items!