March 21, 2012

Lookbook Samples:


I have been busy working on some custom orders and getting my behind in gear to pitch FlyChicks to some local boutiques! I can’t lie though….I am SUPER nervous. I just have this fear of the unknown and have always had a difficult time with change. I have been going through some pretty serious personal battles over the past few months, but have realized that I am MORE THAN READY to tackle what there is in store for me! Not only ready, but finally excited of what the future holds for me. I’m not sure that I have actually ever been “excited” for the future, but after a few months of self reflection, I have decided that this IS MY YEAR!

Here are some samples pics  of products that I plan on pitching! Feel free to let me know your thoughts! Any feedback is welcome!

Picnik collage lookbook


Picnik collage lookbook3


Picnik collage lookbook5


Picnik collage lookbook2

January 28, 2012

a “picnik” in january…


so, if you haven’t heard yet, picnik----an amazing photo editing website, is shutting it’s doors. sooooo sad.

it has been so much fun creating/editing/collaging using this wonderful program, and I just wanted to share a few collages I have come up with recently. if you go to picnik before april, you can still use their free services! do it…you know you want to. :) 


FlyChicks Promo collage



January 14, 2012

I think I’m on to something here

I have been busy designing and sewing up some more clutches that I think are pretty darn cute.

I am also working on getting stuff ready to pitch to some local boutiques here in st. louis. if you are local, and can think of any places around town that flychicks would be perfect for, leave me a comment and let me know!

here’s a few pics of some recent work…








January 9, 2012

what was I doing?….


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so, when I got home from taking little man to school, I was in a go get ’em, positive, inspired, creative, get things done kind of mood. then, as I sent of the late rent check (oops), I kept getting side tracked. I have somewhat of a “list” of things that I want/need to get accomplished, but for some reason I cannot follow through with things. you see, there is this personal side of me that I’m going to share with you that I don’t share with many, but obvious to some people close to me. I’m pretty sure that I have ADD and it makes so many things difficult to do. here I am, wanting to start up this business, but how the hell am I really going to do this if I can’t get a list of things done??

if I could have filmed me this morning/afternoon, trying to accomplish my goals, I probably would have gotten a laugh watching it. I’m fully aware that I’m doing things either not in order, or not even on my list, but for some reason I can’t seem to EVER get the things done that I need to. it’s very frustrating and takes up the time in my day that could have been used more beneficially.

here’s just a little list of how today “went down”.

  • sent the rent check
  • sat down checked emails/facebook/blogs/pinterest (aka, all those things that really don’t help me pursue my business)
  • realized that if I don’t get my studio organized, than I can’t get my life organized
  • went in to studio to clean/organize/de-clutter
  • found fabric in studio and started a mock up of a wallet that I had been dreaming about making
  • got side tracked and made lunch
  • finished lunch walked back into studio and realized all the thread and fabric scraps all over the house
  • grabbed the broom and vacuum and cleaned the first living room
  • sat down and admired the pillow covers I had just made
  • got depressed/frustrated that it was already 1:30 and I hadn’t really gotten anything accomplished
  • checked blog again and realized that I needed to write a new post
  • so here I am…procrastinating again

I hope to find some sort of help in the way of getting more focused on a task and sticking to it. I really really really want FlyChicks Handmade Goods to be a priority in my life, and build it into this great business that makes me happy and makes me shine. Here’s to hoping that I can get my butt in gear and make this a great year for my business.