January 9, 2012

what was I doing?….


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so, when I got home from taking little man to school, I was in a go get ’em, positive, inspired, creative, get things done kind of mood. then, as I sent of the late rent check (oops), I kept getting side tracked. I have somewhat of a “list” of things that I want/need to get accomplished, but for some reason I cannot follow through with things. you see, there is this personal side of me that I’m going to share with you that I don’t share with many, but obvious to some people close to me. I’m pretty sure that I have ADD and it makes so many things difficult to do. here I am, wanting to start up this business, but how the hell am I really going to do this if I can’t get a list of things done??

if I could have filmed me this morning/afternoon, trying to accomplish my goals, I probably would have gotten a laugh watching it. I’m fully aware that I’m doing things either not in order, or not even on my list, but for some reason I can’t seem to EVER get the things done that I need to. it’s very frustrating and takes up the time in my day that could have been used more beneficially.

here’s just a little list of how today “went down”.

  • sent the rent check
  • sat down checked emails/facebook/blogs/pinterest (aka, all those things that really don’t help me pursue my business)
  • realized that if I don’t get my studio organized, than I can’t get my life organized
  • went in to studio to clean/organize/de-clutter
  • found fabric in studio and started a mock up of a wallet that I had been dreaming about making
  • got side tracked and made lunch
  • finished lunch walked back into studio and realized all the thread and fabric scraps all over the house
  • grabbed the broom and vacuum and cleaned the first living room
  • sat down and admired the pillow covers I had just made
  • got depressed/frustrated that it was already 1:30 and I hadn’t really gotten anything accomplished
  • checked blog again and realized that I needed to write a new post
  • so here I am…procrastinating again

I hope to find some sort of help in the way of getting more focused on a task and sticking to it. I really really really want FlyChicks Handmade Goods to be a priority in my life, and build it into this great business that makes me happy and makes me shine. Here’s to hoping that I can get my butt in gear and make this a great year for my business.

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