April 29, 2010

Emily's Studio/Workspaces

So... I recently rearranged my apartment and got rid of some extra "baggage" (i.e. ex-boyfriend's stuff) to make room for my Dream Studio.  It is still definitely a work in progress, but I thought it would be fun to document a little bit of the process.  I'll show some pics of where my creative prowess strikes, and through future posts, hopefully it will improve and keep me accountable for making it the way I want! 

Sewing area

Drawing/Drafting of Ideas Area

Painting Area

Organizational and Supply Area

(My couch separates the studio space from the living room)

So... I'd say it's maybe halfway to where I would like it to be.  Stay tuned for improvements:)
Also, Hannah and I worked on her workspace on Monday, but all I have are "before" pics and I think she might kick my butt if I posted those without posting her new and improved and ORGANIZED space!

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