February 28, 2011

New Shop Items AND ETSY Sales!!!

So, I think I might just have to give myself a high five!! I had 6 SALES on ETSY in a 24 hour period! It was a pretty big weekend for me! I think I am beginning to like how this is going. Slowly but surely, I am figuring it out. I have been doing ALOT of research and finally figured out how to use my Google Analytics on our ETSY site. I think that will help me out alot with figuring out when the best times to renew are.
Also, getting really excited about our website! Our web designer has been working hard and I think its gonna be pretty darn awesome!

And a HUGE THANK YOU to Emily for being such a great support throughout this whole journey! I Love You, Em!!

Here are a few things I just finished tonight. I'm also going to post some pics of the recent sales I had on ETSY.

----->Don't forget to come back in a few weeks to check out the website. :)

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  1. Great job on the sales, and I love those keychain wallets!