April 5, 2011

1st Quarter Inventory and New Product

Yesterday, Emily and I spent most the afternoon trying to figure out my 1st quarter inventory....AHHHHHHHH. It was horrific! I hate this side of the business. I just like to create stuff. Anyway, we got thorough it after an afternoon break to take my dog Stan on a short walk around the block. Then, after the LOOOONG day counting inventory, we had a meeting with our web designer to set a launch date for the new website!!! I'm telling you, this website is gonna be pretty terrific, if I may say myself! Stay tuned. But, for the meantime, I am going to leave you with some pics of my horrible mess of a studio and a few new product pics of the zipper snap wallet! ENJOY! :)


I HATE blogger, I can never figure out how to post the pics in the order that I want them, so bare with me for the craziness of the layout
-thanks :)


  1. Girl, you have GOT to start using Live Writer! Blogger is such a pain in the tuckus when it comes to pictures - I could never get them the right size or in the right order either!

    looooove those wallets, seriously!

  2. sam, our dad(accountant) told us to count everything!!! soooo overwhelming. i know there is a better/easier way. plus, alot of my materials are from last year and it was just one hot mess trying to count everything. so you just count cost of what finished products you have? i think he just wanted me to get an idea of profit too. thats why we counted everything, but ill tell you what. im much more aware of what i buy now, and how i use it! sheesh...crazy how much money one can spend one supplies!! ouch. i gotta get to work! :)

    p.s. how do i use live writer with blogger??