June 27, 2011

website…coming soon???


So, many of you have been asking, “is the website up yet? When will it be up???”. Well, I’m here to tell you, whatever it takes, I’m ready to get this thing up and going. Just need to talk to my web designer and tweak some things. I have thought long and hard about my website, and changed more than enough things along the way, and I thank all of you for being so patient throughout this journey of FlyChicks.

Many thanks go out to Sam, from Bobaloo!. She has been a great support system and inspiration to me through this process. If you haven’t checked out her site yet….DO IT! She has some great stuff for babies and kiddos! Jack actually has one of her banners hanging in his room!

So, thanks again for the patience and support of FlyChicks. You can still purchase items through my ETSY shop.



  1. I haven't been asking, but I'll admit - I have been wondering. Can't wait! :)

  2. How exciting! Can't wait to see the new store. :)