July 18, 2010

Collection of Hands

After viewing a post by Blue Eyed Freckle (one of my faves!) about her grandmother's collection of heads, I was inspired to do a post about my mom's collection of hands.  I heart collections and my mom has tons of them, but for some reason, her hands stick out as the most interesting in my mind.  So without further adieu, here are some of her hands (I know I must have missed some...)

I love this one- it seems so hopeful

the universal (and sign language) sign for "I Love You" - often used in our family

a little votive candle lives in the middle of these two hands- just beautiful at night when it is lit

front and back view of hand photo holder (that's my mom and her sister on a recent trip to India- on top of an elephant- so jealous!)

I really love this one because it is extra big- it just seems so expressive and artistic

and this one is tiny

this one is funny because it is in the ground right under a pine tree just outside the front door- it creeps some people out, but my mom thinks it's hilarious!

and Hannah wanted me to show some of the hands in their natural environment (I wanted to first photograph them in natural light)...

and a day at "Grandma  Hot Stuff"'s (more on that name later!) house wouldn't be complete without one of the grandkids picking out a musical instrument (she's a retired music teacher but lifetime lover of music) to play with...

perhaps a post on all of my mom's various musical instruments may be in order soon- she's so darn cool!

Hope you all had a great weekend- we're just trying to survive the sweltering heat here in the Midwest; it's been in the 90's for what seems like forever and it doesn't look like it's going to give up anytime soon.  What are you doing to beat the heat? (After this little photo shoot, I have to admit to going home and curling up in my bed with the AC on full blast)


  1. the one under the pine tree completely cracks me up!! at halloween we put a set of glow in the dark hands in the front yard coming out of the dirt and the neighborhood kids love it!! hehe

    new to your blog and wanted to let you know i'm hosting a giveaway for two ebelskiver pans and the turning tools. stop by and enter if you're interested. the pan makes the tastiest (and cutest) danish filled pancakes - dessert or lunch/dinner style. it's become one of my favorite things and wanted to share it!


  2. okay and ps - your mom and her sister on an elephant?? that one is totally on my bucket list!! love it!!

  3. Carrie, thanks for stopping by! I will definitely check out your blog:) You had me at danish filled pancakes.