July 20, 2010

Cool Vintage Find and an Upcoming Tutorial

So as I was leaving my mom's house the other day, there were inadvertent presents for both Hannah and I right across the street!  Apparently my mom's neighbors were moving and had left two items out on their lawn for big trash pick-up.  Now, my momma taught us girls well- although it could be slightly embarrassing as a teenager to drive around the night before "Big Trash Pick-Up" in our neighborhood, we actually found some pretty sweet items.  A faux fireplace that my mom used in her classroom, bed frames, chairs, and dressers are just a few of those items we scored.  All were of course washed and many needed sanding and/or a new coat of paint, but it just reinforced the idea that one person's trash could be another person's treasure.

For Hannah, there was a brand new looking toddler car seat (I know, I know, you are ALWAYS supposed to buy those NEW for safety reasons, but my mom promised us she would ask them about it before they actually moved and before Hannah uses it).  As anyone with kids knows, if you are fortunate enough to have family in town to help out with child care, it is much easier for each person to have a car seat for their car.  It can be done with just one, but having two makes it less of a pain.  So, score!

My jaw sorta' dropped when I laid eyes on the item next to the car seat.  It is much older, and therefore activated my vintage taste.  I opened the trunk to Hannah's car to load it in before I even noticed the car seat!  Then I just admired it while Hannah debated whether or not to take her present.  Here it is:

So yeah, I know it needs some work, but I'm super excited for the find.  Especially because it was free!  Any of you have any great vintage finds lately?

And... the latest FlyChicks creation?  A super sweet tote bag with outer pockets:

We're actually going to show you just how this was made as soon as I finish writing up the tutorial.  So if you're feeling crafty, check back soon and make a tote of your own!

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