July 26, 2011



So, Sunday morning Jack and I built a tent/reading nook in the living room using an old sheet and some fuzzy blankets and pillows. An hour and some 20 odd books later, I remembered that Jack had gotten a gift card to a local book store. We were going to go on a book hunt!

It was Sunday, so I had a feeling they were closed. They were. Then, a light bulb went off. Borders was closing and they were having a HUGE blowout sale, or so I thought. We pulled up, the parking lot was a MADHOUSE! We lucked out, found a spot and headed in. After about 30 minutes in the kids section, I slowly made a move to the arts & crafts section. I remembered that Amy Butler’s Style Stitches was out and I was all about that!

We schlepped our merchandise downstairs to the checkout and then realized that the line for the checkout wrapped around the first floor!!! REALLY? The sales weren’t even that great! Jack was ecstatic about this fire engine book he had found so I knew I had to move with the quickness. I distracted him, placed all the books on a shelf, held his hand and ran outta there. I did feel kind of bad for not putting my finds back in the appropriate places, but the place was already a wreck and it was much more important to make it out alive. 

On our walk back to the car, I had to explain to Jack that the line was way too long. He just wanted some books. I felt really bad, because the whole point of our little adventure was to go buy him some new books to read in our awesome reading tent!

As we drove home, we passed a Goodwill!! Perfect. They always have children’s books. Distracted by the toy section, Jack had forgotten about our book hunt. I found about 6 paperbacks that would be perfect. At .30 and .50 cents a pop, we couldn’t beat that. And then, I found a cute little padded stool for $15 that could be cute with some tlc and new fabric. 

We checked with a grand total of $27.60. That includes five pair of shorts for Jack. Style Stitches alone would have been $28 with the BIG discount at Borders. I felt pretty darn good about our finds and our savings! Not to mention, the adorable stool that now lives by our front door!


Here are a couple before and after pics:

2011-07-25%252010.35.40 2011-07-25%252010.35.51




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