August 8, 2011

the power of pinterest!


So, I can’t get enough of pinterest! I know, I know…neither can anyone else! It is an addiction! But a good one. Well, I guess it’s good, except for the fact that I can’t seem to get anything done. There is WAY too much inspiration for one person to process. My list of DIY is getting way too long. But I guess I could have no motivation, and that, my friend, would be a horrible thing.

Here are a few things I have been drooling over lately!

poof    reading nook

treehouse            front porchdiy shirt   ottoman

What are some things you have been drooling over lately?


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  1. If pinterest wasn't currently crashed I'd tell you, but I am loving both of those ottomans you posted. Shall I issue you a pinterest challenge, a la yhl/bowerpower?

  2. mags, i'm about to post a pic of the diy shirt i posted from pinterest!! i love it! it's so, or shall i say, "sew", easy!