September 6, 2011

Meet Me in St. Louis…

This week, FlyChicks is being featured on a local facebook page that promotes things to do and see around around the St. Louis area. “Meet Me in St. Louis” was started by Barbara Heise , a Keller Williams real estate agent in the St. Louis area. She wanted to inform buyers and sellers of the great things that go on around town and in specific areas from week to week.

Check out their Facebook page and “like” them to keep up on the happenings! You can even write in to inform fellow followers on things to do and see.

flychicks barb

picture courtesy of Barbara Heise


  1. Since I can't post a comment on the Photography/Art pages I'll leave it here. Emily, your work is stunning. Really enjoyed seeing it. Hannah, I had to go back to look in my archives from last summer - I have a darn near identical photo (different angle) of the *Exact* same fishing reel - taken last summer in Cape Hatters. Keep up the good work and congrats on the recognition!