September 2, 2011

studio tour: before pics---but no judgments ,please! :)

So I have been trying to get my life a little more organized, and I figured the best way to start doing so is to clean up and organize my lovely studio. You see, my first “studio”, more commonly referred to as “the dungeon”, was dark, gloomy, and pretty much the farthest thing from inspirational. It was really the only area in our old house that I could have full reign over. It was in the basement. It was dark. Scary. Cold… (note the wood paneling….uhg.)

basement studio

---basement studio @ old house---

Soooo, when we moved into our current house, I kinda made it a big deal that I NEEDED to be upstairs, surrounded by bright lights and nature. No more dirty, dark, dingy basement for me!

I LOVE my studio. Most of the time. Especially when it’s nice and pretty and organized.

And now, for the unflattering promised pics of my workspace… AGAIN---NO JUDEMENT! I’m an ar-teest!


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it will be pretty, someday! check out that awesome letterpress drawer I scored at a rummage sale!

Finished studio pics coming soon! Stay tuned!

Have a wonderful and safe Labor Day weekend!

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