September 5, 2010

Blog Lovin'

Unfortunately, I've had to lay low this weekend,  and it's probably the most beautiful weather we've had here in the Midwest in months!  But... I've been able to work a little more on some projects and I've also been doing some blog surfing.  I can't even remember how I came across this, but I immediately knew I had to have it.

There are so many wonderful people and fellow bloggers who offer free things to download and print.  This particular one is so freakin' cute and since we are Fly Chicks, well, it just fits.

I don't know about you, but when I read I always tend to "dogear" the pages when I'm trying to keep my place.  Most of my books end up with many creased pages as I often take books along with me when I go places and have to stash it quickly back into my FlyChicks purse or tote.  I also like to mark certain pages that have words or quotes that have inspired me in some way so that I can refer back to them in a pinch.

Jinjerup offers this printable freebie in a variety of colors; I'm downloading all of them.  My printer has been slowly running out of the color ink and I've been printing things off, each time just crossing my fingers that there is enough left.  I'm definitely waiting until I get a refill because the colors are so vibrant and fun.  And just in time for Back to School, too!

Oh yeah, and there's a little tutorial she gives for cutting out and using these cute little chicks...  Happy Reading!

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