September 26, 2010

Why Hello There, Autumn

Today it really feels like Fall.  I know that officially, it has been for a few days now, but I've been in denial.  Lack of posts may have a little something to do with me grieving the end of my favorite season.  Although we had a sticky, hot summer here in St. Louis, I'll take that over cold and gray any day!

But through the miracle of technology and social networking, I could see that Hannah made her first pot of chili today.  I imagined her home smelling of yummy goodness, while she put  a puzzle together with her son on the floor, and then maybe making a bag or two.  She just finished making her best friend a handbag with really great fall colors and wrapped it right up for the birthday party that evening.  She broke ten needles making that bad boy, so I didn't want to bother her for pictures.  She's also mastered a pretty cool laptop bag design which were also snapped up before we could get good photos.

Hope everyone's weekend was great and here's a tip if you, too, are grieving the end of Summer.  Go out and buy yourself some nice scented candles (pumpkin spice, apple pie, and vanilla are my Fall standbys), light them, and embrace the season.  Things always seem better when it smells good!


  1. Thanks for sending people over to see me at the fair Saturday, Emily! Ooh, and I just saw you got your first Etsy sale - congrats!!

  2. Thanks, Sam! I'm so glad the fair went well:)