September 29, 2010

Hannah is the Bomb

Yep- don't know
why I didn't post these pics sooner.  I was a big loser on my birthday and didn't feel like making a fuss, but my sisters came over that night to give me their presents (and their presence!).  A little birdy must have told Carrie that I was wanting some paints because she gave me a gift certificate to my fave art store, Art Mart

And Hannah decided to put her craftiness to work!  She made me this cute little cloth basket and did her first ever Mod Podge project (we joked that Mod Podge Amy would be so proud!).  They are both so cute and thoughtful and color coordinated...

I put the paints I bought with my gift certificate in my new basket!

I snagged this from Hannah's studio a while ago- she claimed it was a "mess up", that it was too long, and that I could have it if I wanted it.  Um... Yes!  Perfect for my paint brushes and the bag and basket look so cute together, don't ya' think?

 She spray painted a wooden tray with gold spray paint and found some coordinating decorative paper, cut it to size, and 'podged it right on there!  I love it.

And then a few days later, Hannah showed up at my house with this print she found on Etsy from LuckyBluebirdArt that she thought I'd like- she was right!  We found a perfect spot in between some colored homemade poms on the wall.  Most of my room is black, beige, and white, so I love looking up at these pops of color.

Thank you, sisters- this really brightened my September.  I've got the best family in the world!!!


  1. They are all great! Thanks for linking up to Show and Tell Saturday!

  2. Thanks, Lorie- and thank you for hosting:)