June 25, 2010

First Card Drop

So I did my first official "Card Drop" today while running errands.  I first learned about these card drops through a blog I visit daily, called Kind Over Matter.  They are all about spreading kindness throughout the world in a bevy of different ways.  One way they encourage their readers to do so is by having these printable quote cards that you just save to your computer, print, and cut. Then, you leave them in all sorts of places in public for others to see, ponder, take, share, etc.!

I only did three today because I'm sort of shy about anyone seeing me do it and then document it.  I had a bunch of great ideas about where I could leave them but then got nervous!  My son is coming back into town in a couple of days and I've told him about the concept so maybe we'll do a few together.  I have about 15 more cards that I am just keeping in my wallet for when inspiration hits.  Who knows?  Maybe I'll work on a set of my own that I could share with everyone in the blog world!  Hmmm... good project idea:)

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