June 9, 2010


My digital camera is shot.  I'm working on getting a new one, but until then, I feel like I can't post (I know I can) without pictures!  So, as I'm still relatively new to the blogging world, I decided to check out and start a Flickr account because I know a lot of people use Flickr in various ways with their blogs. 

Let me just say... I am hooked!  It is so great to see photographs from all over the world and looking through just a few pages, I got so inspired.  I decided to share a few of my favorite finds with you until I can get a new camera:

bright, cheery, and colorful- and I just recently finished a project using clothespins!

fantasticly fun!

"silly bands" - have you guys heard of these?  My 12 yr old son is obsessed with these; he even got me to wear some (and I admit it, I'm starting to like them too!)  Colorful fun you can wear on your wrist:)

I love me some peacocks and I also love spirals.  Such a cool pic!

this just makes me want to run away for a month and finally teach myself guitar

um... pretty

there's just something bewitching about this photo- love it

What inspires you?

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