June 21, 2010


Hello all those who are still hangin' on and actually reading this blog.  Now, not only is my camera shot, Hannah's is too!  So I thought I'd share some pics that were shot before the cameras decided to be the last straw in a very stressful day.  But before that, just want to share with you all that the Boutique in St. Louis that our goods are at has sold out of all the bags (purses and totes) that we brought them.  Yea!  But also, that means Hannah needed to crank out some more.

Hannah's studio had a change of location (to the basement of her house) and the tables she was using were borrowed and taken back:(  So we have been on a mission for the past week trying to find the right furniture for her sewing station.  Both of our sons endured a hot Saturday last week spent driving around to different garage sales.  It was really funny because Hannah's two year old kept saying "Gamma's house?" every time we pulled into a driveway, but he doesn't even call any of his actual Grandmas, "Gamma"; confusing? yes, hilarious? yes.  And each time we pulled away, he would start to cry and say "I wan go to Gamma's house!"  His older cousin assured him it would be okay and that we would see his actual grandmas soon.

The garage sales turned up nothing, so at the end of this past week, we went to Lowe's and bought two sawhorses and got a 4'x8' sheet of MDF cut down to a 3'x6' piece that we laid on top for a cutting table/surface.  Then we found the perfect sewing table on Craigslist and spent about half an hour in front of the seller's house trying to fit said table into the back of her car.  When we realized that wasn't going to happen, we spent another 20-30 minutes affixing it to the top of her car with one strap and a prayer!  When we finally got back in the car and on the road, Hannah's son looked up, pointed and exclaimed, "There's a table on top of the car!"  Thank god for our kids, because, among a host of other great things, they provide a lot of comic relief in life.

Oh- we also made a really cute shirt that we patterned off of a sheer, flowy shirt that Hannah got at a local boutique.  We got pictures and everything, but of course, they are lost.  Here are some pics of a night we had a few weeks ago when we went out.  They are also "shout-outs" to a couple of blogs- the clutch shown is one Hannah made after a pattern on a blog called Noodlehead.  And the card with the quote on it is printed off from one of my favorite blogs called Kind Over Matter- it's all about being kinder in this world, which I'm all about!

For some reason, I had our old tags that we ended up not using in my purse that night.  We didn't just want to throw them away, so we wrote our blog site on the back of them and just sort of scattered them around and handed them out to people.  I also left those little quotation cards all around.  I've printed out a bunch and am keeping them in my purse for when I feel the inspiration to leave them somewhere anonymously.

Tomorrow we are dropping off a new shipment of purses and totes (along with some really cute checkbook covers and headbands!)  So if you are local, stop on by Cha, and if you are far away, leave us a message or a comment and we can do a custom order.  Happy Summer and stay cool- it's in the mid 90's all week here!

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