August 30, 2010

Crafty Chicas

Hannah and I have started experimenting with the whole "paper flower" thing, so I thought I'd show you some of the results...

dyed coffee filter flowers (next to my buddha bank that my son got for me!)

these were lots of fun

tissue paper flowers- I can't wait to do more, I want a whole wall full of these!

my "jewelry wall" with some more experimental paper flowers...


maps (I used an atlas I got on sale at Borders for 3.99)

elementary school writing paper
(this was actually the perfect texture/thickness)

coffee filter decorative ball with paper garland in background

I made this with maps (I have a thing for maps), cardstock, scrapbook paper, and my handy sewing machine

We also experimented with freezer paper stencils and we were hooked!
Hannah made some tees for her toddler using robot, a faux tux, and car designs

then I made some tees and onesies for a friend of mine who has two little girls

so cute, right?

What sorts of creative things have YOU been working on lately?


  1. Oh my goodness! Those are totally adorable projects....I've been bloggy-absent for awhile so will have to see if you posted tutorials. (If not, I may just have to look them up!) Love them!!

    (And that Buddha bank is quite nifty as well) :)

  2. Aw, thanks Lisa! You've been quite busy- and in a good way:) You grow, girl! Yeah, just check out our Tutorials tab at the top of our page to see if you've missed any. Hope you're doin' great!

  3. The flowers are SO beautiful!!

  4. Thanks, Jos! They were so fun to make:)

  5. The flowers are amazing! Do you mind showing us how they were done so we can all copy you :)

  6. these flowers are so amazing!!! they make me happy :)
    thank you for sharing your birthday wishes and I LOVED reading what you wrote. SO adorable lol :)

  7. Alex- Thanks for the compliments- I'll post a tutorial on those flowers soon:)

    Debee- thanks! YOU inspired me to try the garlands- yours are so beautiful:)