August 11, 2010

Welcome to the Top!

So here's the rest of our trip to the Arch- in particular, our trip to the top!

some historical pictures on our way to the "pod" elevators that took us up up up

these little elevators hold 5 small seats each- I couldn't get a picture of the inside without people in it, because we were kind of rushed

gettin' kind of nervous at this point!

my two favorite people in the little pod that safely(!) got us to the top

almost there...

wow- that's freakin' high up!

East view, onto the Mississippi River

West view towards the city

even did a little card dropping at the top

We had so much fun that day!  If you are ever in the St. Louis area, I highly suggest this place- besides, if you tell someone that you went to St. Louis, you know they will ask you if you went up in the Arch.  Don't you want to say yes? 


  1. What wonderful photos! Just the other day hubby was trying to get us to take a trip (during his vacation) but it didn't end up working out. St. Louis keeps calling though, so I know we'll be in that arch soon!! :)

  2. Lisa- yea! That would be so fun for you guys:)