August 2, 2010

Enjoying Summer...

Sorry it's been a while since I last posted.- I've just been really enjoying the last couple weeks of summer with my son before he starts school again.

son and dad playing catch in the pool
enjoying family

enjoying nature

enjoying outdoor concerts and more family

watchin' the airplanes

wallet - LOVE the fabric, but Hannah forgot to put a snap in:(
awww snap!

so cute!  not big enough for a checkbook, but I'll find a use for it- maybe my bus ID and bus pass?

cute new tote bag she made!  but she's using it for her pool bag

um- seriously? I wish she would sell this, but it's her first try at this style
I love the little ties at the sides!

 While I've been maxin' and relaxin', though, Hannah is still crankin' out new products.  Actually, they are really just "practice products" because she is still trying out new designs and learning from mistakes, but I still wanted to post a few things she's been working on.  It's really cool because when she doesn't feel confident enough to sell a product (due to a mistake or something that is "off" a little) she either keeps it and uses it herself, or gives it to me!

 If you like something you see, don't forget, you can leave us a message or email us and we can do a custom order.  Hannah is getting really good!

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