August 20, 2010

Hannah is Rockin'

Hannah came over today and showed me her new wares in person, and can I just say that I'm damn proud of this girl?  She only learned how to sew about 5 months ago and you put that skill together with her keen eye for design, and she just ROCKS IT!  Here are a few of her new things, all patterns except for the pillow covers via the very talented Noodlehead (though some may be modified, or as I like to say "Hannahfied").

pillow covers

coin purse/business card holder
(these actually hold our new business cards, unlike my first attempt at a holder)

wallet using leftover fabric from pillow covers

diaper pouch

and... the aftermath...

Love you, Hannah!!!

Seriously, though, I am so proud of this girl.  She's got a good thing goin' on!  Don't you agree?

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