October 10, 2010

All of Our Ducks in a Row

Well, really, they're chicks.  Aren't they cute?  Remember when I found them via Jinjerup?  (you can download them for free here)  I've just been waiting to get a new ink cartridge before printing them out and this weekend, I did just that!

This weekend, Hannah and I also got down to business.  And I mean Business with a capital B!  We spent most of Saturday not doing the fun stuff (i.e. making fun things for you all) and just decided to focus on the behind the scenes stuff.  We got out our creative business books and got to work on a Business Plan, marketing strategies, long-term goals, and much more.

We also re-photographed all of our goods that are in our Etsy shop to see if that and re-newing our listings would help sales.  Within twelve hours, we had ourselves a sale, so that was nice!

We've also decided to hold regularly scheduled meetings which is a must if we are to keep up with all that we want to accomplish.  Keep comin' back and keep an eye on our Etsy shop for new items.  We listed that orange handbag and two wallets, so if you like those, head on over and pick something up- trust me, they will brighten your day! 

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