October 17, 2010

My Fall/Winter "Go-To" Outfit

I got to go outside today with the help of Hannah and managed to look somewhat pulled together (at least more-so than I have all week!) but that doesn't stop a girl from dreamin'!

I guess you could sum up my style as "comfy-casual" most of the time and so I'm pretty low-maintenance in that sense.  This is an outfit I put together on Polyvore- granted I doubt I could ever afford it, but if I could, I would so buy something like this.

for details and pricing go here

I am in love with sweater wraps and gray is so neutral that you can accessorize with color in other parts of the outfit.  I'm 6' tall, so flat boots seem to work best for me.  Although it's taken a while, ruffles are actually starting to grow on me- as long as they are used sparingly- so I thought this blue scarf would be a perfect accent to this particular outfit.  I normally wouldn't go so dressy with the earrings, but I kinda just fell for these when I saw them. 

 I was so thankful a couple of years ago when leggings came back into style (I've even been known to sport some legwarmers!) because they are so comfortable and you can dress them up or down- as long as my top covers my bottom, I'm good to go.  A white, fitted shirt is a basic in any wardrobe, right?

What are some of your Fall/Winter staples that you can't live without? 


  1. I know- I could probably piece together all the rest of it with the wardrobe I have now, but those boots! I love 'em too:)