October 23, 2010

Etsy Outfit

Okay, since we're in the business of handmade, after my last post I started thinking about a challenge for myself: to create a similar look all with items from Etsy!  Here's what I came up with...

Info on where to get the above items (starting from upper right and going clockwise):
-Scarf by House of Mofei
-Ring by  Ring Ring Ring
-Earrings by Rio Rita
-Boots (pattern) by Flower Girl Design
-Wrap Top by Studio Shihar
-Leggings with foldover skirt by Sandmaiden

Whaddya' think?  You can put together your own Etsy Treasuries and make wishlists for the upcoming holidays...

AfterthoughtAfter posting this, I decided to add up the two outfits to compare- mind you I didn't even look at prices when putting either of these two posts together  (it's supposed to be a dream wishlist!) and here's the damage:
Polyvore outfit: $969
Etsy outfit: $283

Who says buying handmade has to cost more???

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