October 24, 2010

Fun New Things

In the great words of rapper, Ice Cube, "Today was a good day" (I won't go into the rest of the lyrics because despite my recent love for this, I am truly a pacifist). Hannah came over early with the sweetest surprise- my nephew (it's been a while since I had surgery and I was having withdrawals)!  While he and I hung out, his momma took some great new shots of some of the things we are thinking about using for our press kit- samples, if you will. 

We set up the paints for the little guy, but I have restrictions on movement and couldn't bend over to reach the paper!  So I just sat there and encouraged him.  (Oh yeah, and although we believe he's a genius, his mom wrote his name on the paper)

Here are some pics of what we want to send with the Press Kit to the baby boutique- fabric basket, burp cloth, and washcloth- I LOVE the fabric (it may have a little something to do with my obsession with elephants)!

And here are two clutches- the flap material is a thick, grey cotton, but it sorta' comes out looking like denim- which it's not!  (no offense to denim-lovers!)

 and another clutch- I just love the lines and shape of this one and it has the cutest little button!

 And then... I took my walker (whom we've nicknamed "Bessie" out on the roof for a little sunshine; I've been stuck in the house too long!)

I even had enough strength to work on some creative musings of my own- this is a watercolor study of a "before" and "after" of my right hip:

What has your weekend looked like?  Any fun projects? Time with family?  Chillin' at home?  We'd love to hear how our readers spend their weekends!


  1. Hey Cousins! Love this blog post! Emily, the art work of your hip is GREAT! Hannah, I LOVE all the new stuff that you are making. What did I do with my weekend? I helped some friends that own a local yarn shop move to a new location. They bought an old brick bldg that used to be a bakery and have restored/renovated it. Told me that a baker died there and so they have a ghost! Have already been visited twice by the deceased baker since working on the building! Have been told their basement looks like a set from the movie SAW! UGH!! Good thing they were not set up to sell anything since I was drooling over all the luxrious yarns that I was hanging up and putting into baskets!

  2. Awwww- thanks, Val! That building sounds pretty awesome, and haunted just in time for Halloween:)

    I bet your friends were so appreciative of your help; so whatcha' gonna' make when you DO buy all that yarn? ;)