October 29, 2010

Baby Shower Invitation Bust

First off, this is Hannah. The other half to Fly Chicks! Emily is the one who brings you all those wonderful posts that make up our blog. There is a reason for that! I am HORRIBLE with words. That's why I just stick to the safer side of sewing and creating.

On that note, I was kind of "nominated" to plan a family member's baby shower. I am not a planner. Never have been. I am not really the organized type. Once again, why Emily runs this blog. Soooooo, after a week or so of putting off shopping for invitations, I finally had a bright idea! I was going to find some free printable personalized invites online! I did some searching until, VOILA! I came across great website, Invitationland.com. This website has a decent amount of free templates that you can choose your own colors, fonts, etc. With one picked out, I proceeded with the editing process.

Then, after numerous proofreadings (more on that later), I moved on to the printing options!

With my printer working at best quality, printing out 25 copies, it was then that I realized...UH OH, there was an error. Somehow, when I was working on the editing process, at the bottom of the invites I added the words "RSVP to". Somewhere during that process, it added it twice without any warning. 22 copies down, I cancelled the printing process and went back to edit once more.
Round two: (ding, ding)

With problem numero uno out of the way, I went under printing options to continue with the process. Successfully printing 25 copies, I sat down at my dining room table, metal ruler and rotary cutter in hand. It took a little longer than I would have wanted, but the final product was so much better than if I were to have used scissors.

While attempting to "organize" everything from stamps to envelopes to addresses, I proudly looked at my stack of freshly cut invites and then it happened...I had added the wrong zip code for the party's location. (snap)

Using pretty much my favorite curse word ever a hundred times, I gathered my thoughts, calmed myself down, and went back to the drawing boards. (Now is when it is always great to have someone else around to proofread your proofreading...well, even better than now is before you even press the print button the first time)

Zip code changed, I printed, AGAIN, and watched as the sad invites came out of the printer, one by one.

Then, I noticed...there was no "RSVP" anywhere! With my ink cartridge running pretty darn low at this point, and it isn't more than 3 months old, I made the executive decision that I would use the newest copies, sans RSVP, and go on with my day. Really?!?! What the harm in that?

So people, bottom line of this awesome story is, proofread, proofread, proofread. Then get someone else to proofread! Overall though, my experience with Invitationland.com was a good one. I guess all that craziness was my fault, and hence the reason on why I don't pursue the planning of things!

Here's to a happy weekend!

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  1. You are cute for writing the blog. And makng the invitations. Keep up the good work. Proofreader.