May 22, 2010

Cancer Survivorship Walk

Hannah and I (and our other sister and one of our new step-sisters) did a Cancer Survivorship Walk this morning in Creve Coeur Park in honor and celebration of our mom, who was recently diagnosed with Stage IV Lung Cancer (she's a non-smoker).  Most of our morning was spent preparing for and walking the walk, and this afternoon, we recovered by relaxing and enjoying the beautiful weather in our older sister's backyard.  We raised a lot of money for a great local organization, the St. Louis Wellness Community; they offer free programs for those diagnosed with Cancer.  They offer a wide range of support groups and activities and we thought this would be a good opportunity to show support to our momma.  (They are still taking donations- our team name is "Mary's Merries" if you want to give!)

We didn't get a whole lot of pictures, and we accidentally left my camera in the car, but here are a few pics of us from an iPhone:

After three chemo treaments, our mom's tumor shrunk by 50%; we're hoping that the last three treatments will knock that sucker out!  We love you, momma:)

And oh yeah, Hannah and I look like dorks in that last pic because we started late and were the VERY LAST people on the trail!