May 12, 2010

HaHa Hannah!

Okay, just a little ribbing from an older sister to a younger one- only because I have before pics of her workspace, and she doesn't have any incriminating pictures of mine! But I promised I wouldn't post the before pics without having the "after" ones handy.  So here are the before (and I will say that some were taken during the "in-between" stage when we were trying to figure out how to organize everything!):

this is what started it all...
I told her I couldn't work like this:)

this is when we thought we might need professional help
this is also when we got the bright idea to go to the Dollar Store for some organizational supplies

okay, starting to get somewhere...

much better

oh yeah, starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel

sorry this pic is a little blurry, but just look at those cute little jars from the $1 store that we used for spools of thread and rubber bands (they were so cute, I bought 3 of them for my studio but haven't yet figured out yet what to use them for!)

folded fabric! Folded!

Okay, all joking aside,  I am super-proud of my little sis.  The only reason her studio space got like that is because she's been cranking out products for our shop like crazy lately.  She's still working on back orders on purses.   But coming soon to the shop are some very stylish checkbook covers and business card holders.  I look forward to carrying a couple, myself!

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  1. WOW! i am one messy girl!!! thanks for reminding me of my much needed studio space...:(