May 20, 2010

Dollar Store Goodness

In an earlier post, I embarrassed Hannah by showing her messy workspace in a "before" pic.  But I redeemed myself by showing how greatly organized she got that space after a trip to the Dollar Store.  While finding different things to use in her studio, I, of course, found things that I just had to have too!  One of those being these cute little jars:

and I bought these bread tins to put things in (not dough!); they could be organizational, right?

and these dishtowels are almost too cute to use!  almost

and the sweetest find of all:

Although I did live in Indianapolis, IN for 12 years, I never got the "bug" for racing.  I actually kinda' hate it, but I pride myself on being open-minded enough to support people with differing tastes.  Having said that- I plan on using this Dale Jr. piggy bank for an upcoming tutorial.   I promise to make it pretty!  Come back to see the new and improved piggy bank next week...

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