May 10, 2010

Done and DONE!

Hannah and I were busy bees today!  We started off our morning at our fave local, independently owned coffee shop, Meshuggah (in the Loop) for a caffeine fix.  We caught up and went over our game plan for today.  Then we stopped by our favorite art store, Art Mart, for some supplies; what a great day already, right?  Well, then we got back to Hannah's house and got to work.  And I mean WORK!  Hannah cranked out a few more cosmetic bags while I got busy listing our goodies on Etsy.  Head on over to our shop and check it out!  Heck- feel free to be our first customer through that site:)   Thanks for everyone's support and patience while our business and blog is young.  We are, after all, still learning...

1 comment:

  1. your shop is looking great! thanks for your nice compliments on my blog! i was born in st.louis and most of my relatives still all live there. we go back every summer! i love it there, anf i LOVE artmart