May 6, 2010

Featured in the online Sauce Magazine- St. Louis' Daily Sip of Hip!

Hannah and I are lucky enough to be featured here today.
The Daily Sauce is an online magazine that features cool places to go in St. Louis whether it is to eat out, attend a play, find a local farmer's market, see an art exhibit, and anything in between!  Check them out if you are local, or are planning a trip to St. Louis; they've definitely got the inside scoop on what's going on and where.

For those of you new to the FlyChicks blog/website, have a look around and enjoy!  Hannah and I are going to be working hard this next week to get our Etsy site stocked.  Etsy is an online shop where you can buy handmade goods. We will be selling some great handbags, makeup bags, wallets and checkbook covers, headbands, key chains, and more. Be sure to check back soon here and at our Etsy site: .

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