May 28, 2010

Woo Hoo- We're in our First Boutique!

Hannah and I took a basket full of totes, handbags, and cosmetic bags to a local boutique today and the owner bought all of them!  We were looking around earlier in the week at some different stores and boutiques in the greater St. Louis area that would be a good match for FlyChicks goods.  Just after we walked into the fourth or fifth one, CHA, the owner commented that she liked my purse (of course I carry a FlyChicks original!)  I then showed her Hannah's purse too and she loved that as well; I told her that Hannah makes them.  She asked if we sold them and the rest is history!

Hannah was busy sewing all week (that is, when she wasn't bartending or running after her 2 year old, Jack) and I did what I could (I threw my back out not once, but twice in five days!) with branding and tagging and researching, while mostly laying down on a heating pad.  Hannah made some really cute totes and another handbag- everything she makes, I want to keep!  Unfortunately, the good pics are on Hannah's camera and I only got cell phone pics of the goodies before we took them off.  If I waited until Hannah sent me the pics, we might be waiting until next summer, so I'm just going to share my phone pics!

Sorry, that last one is a bit blurry.
But... YEA!!!  We're really excited and looking forward to working with the owner, Sarah.  CHA is a super cute store and we think we are a great fit with them!

Don't forget, we do custom orders, so if you see a style or a certain print that you like, just leave us a message and we can get started on it!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend:)


  1. These are so lovely...and congratulations!! I just became a follower and can't wait to have (take!) more time to look around and see the rest of your gorgeous creations.

  2. Oh thank you, Lisa! I heart your blog:)